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Our Psychiatric & Family Nurse Practitioners are eager to provide services to your Assisted Living Facility, Group Home, Transitional Homes and/or private home.



Provider Visits

A qualified nurse practitioner (NP) will call the patient the day before and confirm the appointment time. On the day of the appointment, the NP will arrive within 15mins and the initial interview will take place.  The client will then be examined, diagnosis and treatment plan will be formulated. At the first visit, more time will be spent gathering pertinent medical information and medication reconciliation. 


​Subsequent visits will be shorter and more focused and patients recently discharged from hospital visits will be focused on complying with the discharge summary and preventing a return to the hospital. 

A psychiatric visit will follow the above format, the first visit will be longer and comprehensive. A treatment plan will be formulated, client and caregiver are an integral part of the plan of care so all parties will be included in the final plan. Follow-up visits will be based on acuity and medication changes. Our provider is always available for emergencies and will see emergent cases with 24 hours. 


Addiction Treatment

We provide management of addiction with suboxone and monthly Vivitrol injections. Opioid addiction is a widespread problem in America with several programs that provide management. 

Specialist Services

If specialized care or testing are required a referral will be done and NP on Call will maintain communication with a specialist to ensure continuity of care and patient satisfaction. We have relationships with a mobile dentist, mobile eye doctor, and mobile podiatrist who will come to your home. We work with a reputable home health company with nurses and home health aides to fully provide comprehensive care to our clients. 

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